Governor Schwarzenegger Casts Veto of Harmful Card Check Bill in California, Reports The National Alliance for Worker and Employer Rights
NAWER praises the good work of Governor Schwarzenegger who cast his of veto of SB. 180 on October 14. Schwarzenegger showed great courage in standing up for Secret Ballot elections for farmers. Continue reading.

NLRB Clarifies Reinstatement Rights of Striking Employees
An economic striker who unconditionally offers to return to work is entitled to immediate reinstatement unless the employer has hired a permanent replacement for the striker in order to continue its business operations during the strike. Continue reading.

NLRB Finds That An Employer's Voluntary Recognition of a Union Does Not Bar a Decertification or Rival Union Petition Filed During a 45-Day Period following Recognition Knowing this ruling employers may cut back on neutrality agreements. Continue reading.

Letter to the Senate on H.R. 3043
NAWER joins housands of workers, employers, taxpayers, small businesses, shareholders, consumers and senior citizens to call on the Senate to reverse the increasingly dangerous direction that the 110th Congress is taking in aligning with Big Labor and restore full funding to the Office of Labor Management Standards (OLMS). Continue reading.

The summer that shook the American workplace: The new threat and hidden agenda of Labors new Government
While our national security is being defended overseas, our domestic security has become imperiled by governmental transformation at the hands of Labor Union Central Command that has deployed a  government it can control. Continue reading.

National Alliance for Worker and Employer Rights Demands Governor Schwarzenegger Save Secret Ballot Elections for Workers in California urges veto of Senate Bill 180 robbing our workplace freedom
S. 180 is a bill denying civil liberties to the most vulnerable people in California - those who work the farms of the state. Farm workers deserve better than to loose their hard earned rights to the schemes of the labor bosses. Continue reading.

NAWER Group Letter- H.R. 980: The Public Safety employer-Employee Cooperation Act
This ill conceived legislation would expand federal power into the area of local labor relations in an unprecedented and dangerous manner. Continue reading letter.

Rep. Lynn Westmoreland Speech on the Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act of 2007
In a speech before the House of Representatives, Rep. Westmoreland (R-GA) said, "this is basically a union bill and payback to the unions." Continue reading speech.

Davenport Vs. Washington Education Association: Strengthens Beck Rights Nationwide
NAWER praises the good work of the Evergreen Freedom Foundation and the people of Washington state who worked tirelessly to remove the yoke of Big Labor from the shoulders of hard- working families, wirh the unanimous SCOTUS decision last week. Continue reading article.

"They are in violation of the law, and if they do not report for work within forty-eight hours, they have forfeited their jobs and will be terminated."

-Ronald Reagan, Washington, D.C., August 3, 1981.

Welcome to the National Alliance for Worker and Employer Rights

Our Mission:

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The Threat: More unionization spells the end of the free Market: See the union's plan to turn America into Europe

Radical unions hold workers and employer hostage with their more and more radical political and social agenda. See Unions taking the Secret ballot box away from our workers

The answer: The National Alliance for Worker and Employer Rights with its aggressive advocacy and grassroots coalitions is an organization representing American workers and Employers not satisfied with the Status quo in Congress or in the States-NAWER is your catalyst for real justice in the workplace!

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Nawer Turns Back Union Right To Work Assault

Union Bosses demand compulsory dues even against the objections of the rank and file. Call your state representative and ask them to defend a free and fair Iowa workplace now. More information.

NAWER thanks Rep.Steve Hunter for introducing the Right To Work Bill in Missouri and urges Right to Work Bill passage. Continue reading article. As seen in the Kansas City Star.

Rep. Norwood on the Secret Ballot Protection Act

The late- Rep. Charlie Norwood was interviewed on WMAL about the Secret Ballot Protection Act. Click here to listen to this interview (MP3).

The fight goes on for Secret Ballot Protection in the American Workplace

Big Government with the help of the unions has gotten out of control with this union takeover of employer and employee democracy. It has to stop now. Learn what you can do. Click here for more information.

Support the Secret Ballot Protection Act H.R. 866 and S.1312. Click here for more information.

Dana Corporation and Auto Workers (UAW) International, Cases 7-CA-46965

The case raises the issue of whether an employer and union may agree upon terms and conditions of employment to be negotiated in a collective-bargaining agreement should the union achieve majority status and recognition as the exclusive bargaining representative of employees in an appropriate bargaining unit, notwithstanding the absence of such majority status at the time of the agreement. Read the legal brief here (PDF).

National Alliance for Worker and Employer Rights Pledge to the American People

Ask your elected official or candidate to come to the NAWER website and download the NAWER pledge and have them sign and fax (202-393-2544) it back to NAWER for media distribution.

    1. Support for freedom in the workplace through mandatory use of Secret Ballot Elections on the question of union representation in the American Workplace.
    2. Oppose Privileged wage scales for Illegal Aliens as applied to Guest worker program reforms under Immigration Law.
    3. Oppose any Labor law that does not include the vote of all workers.
    4. I will not accept any donation or contribution from any union organization unless that union organization also includes program for dissenting employees the right to refrain from using their money for political purposes.

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