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H.F. 324 or "fair Share" legislation was introduced by Todd Taylor(D) District 34 in the Iowa House forever gutting the right to work law in Iowa.This union driven right to work challenge effects the people of Iowa and the principle of the right to work law in 22 states. Unions are directing their attack to both the public and private sector though the final bill may be amended to include public sector employees only. If amended Fair Share would allow union fees to be collected from school teachers, police officers, firefighters and other state and municipal workers who have chosen not to join a union. 19,000 public Sector Workers in Iowa would be hit by Fair Share. With union dues averaging $500 a year, more than $15,000,000 would go into the fat pockets of the union bosses. In removing the right to work law the Unions would also return Iowa back to the days where any worker could loose his job merely because they refused to pay dues or join a union. RTW laws in Iowa protect all workers. Any Fair Share Bill introduced in Iowa will still mean the end to Iowa's RTW status whether it is of the private or public sector. There is no middle ground on RTW and Fair Share in effect in Iowa as the Labor unions portray.Courts nationwide have held that "fees" forced on any worker of a state with a RTW law is a violation of that law. Fair share is nothing but a fair path to union control of the daily lives of working families and must be opposed now. Use the following Action Items to find out who your state representative is and call him or her. The vote maybe as close as the margin of your State Representative. Join Nawer's fight for your liberty in the Iowa workplace.

Action Items

Please ask your State Representative to vote against H.F. 324 and save the right to work law for all Iowans!


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