Missouri Right to Work: Thank you Rep. Hunter

By Will Fine, Executive Director National Alliance for Worker and Employer Rights

Courageously, Rep. Hunter (R) and like-minded Missouri Representatives who supported him on March 1 passed the first Right to Work Law (H.B. 439) out of committee in recent Missouri History. Rep. Hunter's RTW Bill is now 54th on the Calendar for a full vote. The people have spoken: with pro-worker and employer majorities in the Senate, House and with Governor Blunt there has never been a better time to pass a right to work law in Missouri and pass it they will. The National Alliance for Worker and Employer Rights wishes to thank Rep. Hunter for his vision and leadership to improve the lives of working families in Missouri. The people of Missouri are with you as well.

While Rep. Hunter has introduced his three Bills creating a RTW law, Paycheck Protection (H.R. 441), and greater Union accountability (H.R. 440) ; darker forces try to dim the hopeful promise of Missouri having at last a free and fair workplace. "Big Labor" Bosses are making their threats known against Legislators. With the freedom of your workplace at stake these threats can only be called small in promise, small in purpose, and small in compassion. "Big Labor" Bosses in Missouri can always be counted on for one thing: to try and turn away your working rights while embracing their own agenda. Their agenda against Right to Work in Missouri turns your fair choice on its head. You will get a lot for your "Fair Share," namely, the risk of loosing your job if you choose not to join a union. Where is your "fair choice" in that?

How many good workers will be fired because of labor's radical hidden agenda? As many as it took at the Daimler-Chrysler plant in St. Louis County that just recently had to move out of state. You see under the compulsory dues scheme of the unions non-union members still must their pay dues to the union and are the first to be fired. Why? Because for the simple reason that they do not want to join a union. Now that means Daimler Chrysler had to fire every worker who did not want to join a union-how then after all of those firings could Daimler Chrysler even compete with any other Automobile maker in the five surrounding RTW states? It could not and folded its shop and left. For as long as no RTW law is in place large and small Employers of Missouri have felt this deadly union squeeze against them. It is time the Legislators of Missouri stood up against this injustice and protect employers by embracing fair competition and open labor markets with a Right to Work Law in Missouri.

There are many reasons employers and employees should stay in Missouri. You should be proud of the outstanding economic prosperity of Missouri today. There has never been a better time for job growth in Missouri history. The second highest non-farm payroll of 2,788,700 was on record going into this year.

Yet, what does this say about union rank and file members? They are a lot smarter than their Bosses. While the unions have fought the majority of the Missouri workforce from having a RTW law, their own union membership has voted their disgust with their feet. Walking away from the unions, they know what is in their best interest, as more than 59,000 union members have left unions in Missouri over the last 15 years.

Could this have something to do with unions constant coercion of working families freedom? Yes. All Missourians should have their fair share of prosperity without union intimidation. What makes passing a RTW law a good objective? more than anything it is the choice and right of every worker to enjoy more economic freedoms and a better life for his or her family.

We don't hear so much from workers who try to speak out against unions. The unions don't allow any kind of speaking out about them that they don't like. That's how unions keep their power over workers--either they shut up or they loose their job. Realizing there is no protection against such union intimidation, Mr. Hunter's RTW Bill protects your right to work without fear of retribution from the unions. Union retributions continue to silence the people of Missouri from exercising their better judgment: For who knows your workplace better in the end what makes your life a better one? Does Andy Stern or Hoffa even have a clue?

Call Rep. Steve Hunter's office now at (573)-751-5458 and thank him with your vote for his Right to work Bill for all Missourians.


Will Fine, Executive Director
National Alliance for Worker and Employer Rights